• Closed Rack Space
    Closed Rack Space
    Store your mission critical system and applications
  • Secure Cage Space
    Secure Cage Space
    Providing extra security for your
    financial system and applications

Certified Data Center

Biznet Data Center Technovillage offers a Tier-3 and PCI DSS Green Data Center with high quality, reliable and scalable solutions. The facility designed specifically to meet or exceed Financial Institution and Broadcasting Company data reliability specifications. It is directly attached to the redundant Biznet Metro Fiber Optic Network supporting your mission critical applications, Disaster Recovery Center (DRC), branch and main office functions.

Located approximately 35 KM south of Jakarta Central Business District, the facility is specifically designed for Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) and primary data center clients alike. Biznet Technovillage is equipped with N+1 standard for power and cooling systems to support your 24x7 operation.


Gross Area: 6,000m² (64,583 ft²)


  • Steel Frame with concrete floors, metal faced cladding and glazing
  • Typical floor loading of 1,000 kg/m2
  • 6.0 m slab to slab height
  • Raised floor with anti static tiles
  • Column spacing primarily based on 8m grid


  • Cargo Lift 1 x 2 tons
  • Passenger Lift 1 x 1 ton


  • Redundant 4 x 2.5 MVA power transformer from the Power Grid
  • For Critical Power Full Backup: N+1 Dynamic Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply (DRUPS) to provide greener power solution without using any lead (Pb) based battery.
  • For Non-Critical Power Full Backup: N+1 Generator Sets
  • Individual power outlet with 100 percent short circuit protection
  • On-site diesel tank support up to 3 days, 24x7 fuel contract delivery callout in place
  • Building Management System to monitor and control the power system

Lightning & Grounding System

  • Grounding outlets installed throughout the building and data centers

Environmental System

  • N+1 Precision Air Conditioning system
  • Temperature maintained at 23°C (± 2°C)
  • Humidity maintained at 55% (±10%)
  • Building Management System to monitor and control the cooling system

Fire Detection and Suppression System

  • Fire and smoke detection sensors above and below raised floor
  • High Sensitivity Smoke Detection (HSSD)
  • Dry pipe water based fire suppression system, activated only when sensor and HSSD confirmed fire
  • Portable Gas based fire fighting system located throughout the facility
  • Facility Management Team trained for fire safety and equipment operation with SOP
  • Building Management System to monitor and control the fire system


  • Separate power and data cable tray
  • Redundant Biznet Fiber between Jakarta CBD to Biznet Technovillage to ensure mission critical operations
  • Access to multiple telecommunications providers on the Meet Me Room facility, for up to date list please find on the Provider List
  • Direct connection to Biznet Fiber and Biznet Global Internet networks

Building Management

  • Tailored custom Data Center area to customer specification
  • Data Center Facility Management Team 24x7


  • 24x7 professional security guards
  • Secure RFID card system with personalized PIN number
  • Surveillance color cameras with digital recording facility

Standards and Certifications

PT. Biznet Data Center
Biznet Technovillage Data Center
Cimanggis, West Java
Uptime Institute Certified Data Center Tier III Certification for Design

For more information about Biznet Techspace and services, please contact our Account Executive via phone +62-21-57998888, email techspace@biznetnetworks.com or visit our nearest branch office in your city.

For Biznet Technovillage facility tour, please fill out the registration form.