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    Biznet Data Center Technovillage
    Indonesia's First Tier-3 Green Data Center
  • Biznet Technovillage Green Landscape
    Enhancing Creative Working Environment
  • Green Environment
    Green Environment
    Maximum energy efficiency and
    minimum environmental impact
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    Video Operation Center
    Monitor Video Downlink &
    Uplink for Biznet Cable TV Platform

Biznet Technovillage Concept

Biznet Technovillage is an integrated high tech facility located 35 KM South of Jakarta, consists of Tier 3 Green Data Center, Grade A Office Space and Full Service Business Center targeted for research center, backup facility, media production and outsourcing center.

Biznet Technovillage is using several green building technologies to reduce waste and power such as furniture material from existing pallet wood, LED based light bulbs to reduce power consumption, Dynamic Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply to provide 100% backup power without using any lead (Pb) based battery. Lead, at certain exposure levels, is a poisonous substance to animals as well as for human beings. The facility also reviewed by Green Building Council Indonesia for certification.


A technopark is a technology industrial complex that have the following characteristics.

Technology Industy

The company is related with ICT, Media and Biotech industry.

Excellent Location

Strategically located so can be accessed from anywhere.

Excellent Infrastructure

Excellent infrastructure and facility.

Creative Environment

Working culture and environment that will enhance people to become more creative.


Perfect location in Jakarta's suburban area

Located in Cimanggis, West Java, about 35 KM South from Jakarta and can be reached within 45 minutes

Major Highway Access

The development is located on Jakarta Bogor Ciawi (Jagorawi) Highway and Jakarta Outer Ring Road 2 (JORR2) Highways interchange nearby

Flexible Master Plan

A development master plan around 20,000 m2 of land area, expandable to much larger space area

Building with Campus Block Concept

a 3 - 5 stories building with approximate size of 1,000 m2 per floor space

Leading IT, Multimedia and Telecom Education Centers

Several leading universities and training providers within the complex to support the skilled workforce for the area and around 20 minutes from University of Indonesia, number one university in Indonesia

Large Green Area Landscape

30% from total landscape for natural park, water garden and open space

Onsite Amenities and Services

General facilities such as Business Center, Dining Lounge and Coffee Shop

Sport Facilities & Recreation Area for Better Lifestyle

The facility will be provided to all tenants to enhance employee's health and lifestyle


Why do we use LED Lighting? Save Energy. Longer Light Lifetime.

Biznet Technovillage uses LED lighting to save energy consumption, throughout the building including outdoor streetlight. LED is more environmentally friendly than the regular light bulbs as it turns 15-25% of electricity consumption into a light, twice as many as regular light bulbs with only 8%.

LED light bulbs can also last until 50,000 hours, or 30% longer than the usual light bulbs, and even 10 times longer than energy saving light bulbs. More over, LED light bulbs can last for 25 years. LED has more efficiency compare to tungsten lamp or fluorescent lamp. 1 watt of LED light can produce 100 lumens, by only consuming 80% of energy than the usual lamp. 1 LED lamp with 3,5 watt of power consumption can produce 50 watt lights of Halogen lamp.

Why do we save Trees during Construction? Save Trees. Save the World. Save Yourself.

Biznet Technovillage realizes that trees are priceless for the existence of any living creature on earth. We preserve trees the best way that we can, making sure that nature and human beings are in equal balance. Oxygen production, cleaning the soil, controlling noise pollution, slowing down storm water runoff, acting as carbon sinks, cleaning the air, providing shade and coolness, being windbreaks and fighting soil erosion can be considered as the first few reasons why trees are priceless. At Biznet Technovillage, no trees are wasted, all trees are well treated, re-planted and maintained, to be the source of inspiration for human beings in creating technology and science.

Why do we invest in Green Data Center technologies? Maximum Energy Efficient. Minimum Environmental Impact

As the first Tier-3 Green Data Center in Indonesia, we would like to run our facility differently than others by using newer and greener technologies. Biznet Technovillage is designed to become a green data center, which is repository for the storage, management, and dissemination of data in which the mechanical, lighting, electrical, computer systems, and most of other aspects are designed for minimum usage of energy and to be environmentally friendly.

All of us in Biznet Technovillage are always creating new innovations to ensure that all facilities are in line with green technology requirements. We used Dynamic Rotary Uninterruptable Power System (DRUPS), LED lighting, no carpet flooring, furniture from recycle wood pallets, preserve lots of trees during construction, and minimize water usage.

How do we use efficient water? Save Water. Secure the Future.

Human needs water to grow plants, provide power, control fire uses water, and the most important is to stay alive. Since the early 20th century, Earth's mean surface temperature has increased by about 0.8 oC (1.4 oF), with about two-thirds of the increase occurring since 1980. It gives some impact for human life, but the most important impact is sustainability of water supplies. As our population growth, more and more people are using up this limited resource, and it was predicted that later, over 2.1 billion people have no access to clean drinking water and one child dies every 8 seconds from drinking dirty water.

This is the right reason Biznet Technovillage takes a giant step to use water wisely. We believe that if we can't control the amount of water we truly need, we can control the amount of water that we're wasting. Nothing can replace water. There are many reasons why we have to save water. Even the earth is covered with water, but this water is in the dorm of frozen icebergs and glaciers, just 1% of all the water on Earth that can be used by people, the rest is salt water and people can't use it. So, what are you waiting for? Save water, secure the future!

Why we don't use Carpet for Flooring? Use Solid Flooring. Healthier Air Quality.

At Biznet Technovillage, we don't use carpets for flooring. We use solid flooring such as wood, stone and vinyl to provide cleaner working environment. Wood flooring has many advantages over types of flooring. Wood adds warmth, simple and modern design that last more than 100 years with regular maintenance and repair if needed.

Carpet flooring contains chemical ingredients called Formaldehid that can easily effects human if it combines with protein and causing eye irritation, sorethroat, asthma, allergic and such. It also quite difficult to clean and dust stays within the carpet, which caused dirty and smell.

How do we recycle used materials? Recycle to Save The Earth

Biznet Technovillage imported lots of equipment from abroad, which were shipped using wood pallets. We use those wood pallets to make our interior such as wall covering, furniture, sofa and cabinet used in the coffee shop and office.